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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Meeting of the Minds Publications
PO BOX 55004
Pittsburgh, PA 15207

Pittsburgh, Pa, July 31, 2005 For more than five years Meeting of the Minds Publications has shown the ability to stimulate a new breed of writers. An alternative to a Saturday norm will be a celebration in spoken word & music celebrating love of self, of spirit, of family & community, of peace, of democracy. We will be introducing four new authors: Caroljean Lacy (Highland Park), Sheraden Green (Homewood), Nicole Stallworth (East Hills), Christina McNeese (Carnegie). They will be joining 13 other previously published authors: Leslie Yarbough, Bonita Lee, Tracey Roberson, Normandaryl Beasley, Ebonydawn Gilchrist, Eskay, Leana Westbrooks, Regeneold Griffin, Rachelle Dorsey, Stanley Mason, Matthew Salih, Carmen Wallace, and Marcia Washington-Jones. Our newest authors will assemble at Carnegie Library of Homewood; we are also seeking open mic participants to assist in this venture. Shaela Montague-Phillips will also be releasing a full-version of 7 Breaths of Yearning.

Meeting of the Minds Publications, Spit Fire on the Open Mic event, will be held on Saturday, August 26 at the Carnegie Library of Homewood. Meeting of the Minds Publications is a stepping-stone for beginning writers, producing an easy way to see a short collection of works in print. On a monthly basis, we provide an open mic as well as author spotlights, in local communities all over Pittsburgh. Our two major goals are: to encourage and inspire the writers and to engage the community to share their talents as well. We recognize the impact we can have in our community, by investing in the arts, we create an innovative environment.

Meeting of the Minds Publications asks that fans of the arts, young and old, amateur or professional, get involved. Each participant will have a chance to gain exposure, receive support from other audience members and experience creative consciousness at its best!

Entrants can begin to register at 5:45 p.m. All forms of genres to be supplied by the participants. Each performer will be required to have their music or material for the show. Carnegie Library, will supply mics and a sound system. Each performer will be given 3-5 minutes.

Event: Carnegie Library of Homewood, Auditorium

Date: Saturday 26th August 2006

Time: Registration starts at 5:45 p.m.

Where: 7101 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Door Fee: $5.00

For More Information, please contact:
Shaela Montague-Phillips, Lead Project Manager
Telephone: (412) 377-2769


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