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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Spit Fire On The Open Mic

Let Me Say...I am excited...
With the new set up of the books, new beginnings with the business and the new

It is important to me that things move smoothly. As always the newest authors get to say their pieces for 15 mins and the prior authors will get 5 mins. Open Mic is 3-5 mins. Please make sure to write metamorphose piece for the show. I am also going to set up a date in the next week at Carnegie in East Liberty for you all to practice and for us to collectively talk about the books, etc. I wrote will write house business in a letter.

Tentative Schedule

5:00 Arrival- Bake Sale Set-Up, Book Set-Up
5:25 Test the Mics
5:45 Open Sign Up
6:00 Welcome
6:05 Taken
6:15 E.L.
6:25 Taken
6:30 Matt Salih
6:35 Ms. Lacy
6:50 Bonita Lee
6:55 M.J. Washington
7:00 Leslie Yarbough
7:05 Sheraden Green
7:20 Regenold Griffin
7:25 Taken
7:35 Normandaryl
7:40 Nicole Stallworth
7:55 Taken
8:00 Dance

8:05 Carmen Wallace
8:10 Versatyl
8:30 Diamond Axe
8:35 Tracie Roberson
8:45 Taken
8:50 Shaela Montague-Phillips (Poem and Close)

Authors if you want to find some one who can sell your books at the table then I don't have to find some one to do it for us, that will be great. Also it would be nice if we could rotate the bake sale. Please remember that everything we do is a fundrasier, if you bring kids, we will charge $5.00 for them too. If you are performing with some one, we will charge for them too. I have someone new working the he doesn't know you. That means, since this is your show, I expect people to come at 5:30.

Our indoor shows are never censored...I allow everyone to express themselves!!! Just don't go crazy with it!

Let me also note I have started to advertise, I sent the press release to Soul Pitt, Post Gazette and we just have to fill the seats.

Please let everyone know, that if they are interested in open mic they can leave me their names and the time that they want to perform by just commenting to this blog thanks...


Blogger Johnathan said...

I would like to participate in the open mic on August 26. I am a poet. I would prefer one of the later times that are left, but time is really no issue for me. J.

9:34 AM  

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